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Voice IPRN Switch & Billing System

Angstle offers IPRN Switch solution for service providers to manage and provide international and domestic Premium numbers.

With monthly rental or a one-time purchase option, users can run their own services using customized looks and under their own brand.

It includes the softswitch along with installation of the solution on your own server. You can use your own brand and logo and we provide customization as per the needs of our customers.

  • Features of our IPRN Switch

  • Scalability Business organizations can use our scalable IPRN Switch solution to ensure that they do not have a problem when the business expands.
  • Multiple Payouts Makes it easy for customers to handle payouts.
  • Test Number Your customers will have the option to test the numbers.
  • Self-allotment of numbers Resellers will have the ability to self-allot the numbers.
  • Finance Module An advanced finance module makes things easier for you and your resellers.
  • Reporting An advanced reporting system with numerous filters helps you understand calls and traffic better.
  • Credit Notes Real time credit notes can be generated with IPRN Switch.
  • IVR files management You will have the ability to manage the IVR files through the system yourself.
  • Manage multiple services The allotted numbers can be utilized for managing multiple services.
  • Stats Users can access daily, weekly, monthly stats and they can also customize it for their requirements helping your customers get information about numerous details which can be used in the business.
  • Multiple IPs authentication This helps in securing the servers and ensures better business.
  • Flexibility Angstleā€™s IPRN Switch solution is flexible and it can be customized for use.
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